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How can I grow spiritually?

- Sentinel Audio Chat
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Barbara begins this chat by defining what it means in Christian Science to grow spiritually, which she says is about growing in our spiritual understanding of God. She says that when we know God spiritually and understand God as Spirit, divine Mind, Life, Truth, and Love, and recognize that God is with us everywhere, then “we’re able to feel His presence and turn to Him when there’s a need, turn to Him in prayer, and find the answers to whatever problem we’re facing.”

Barbara answers a number of questions from listeners about how any one of us can grow spiritually, about how we can consistently feel God’s presence, and how we can find great joy in making our relationship with God a priority in our daily lives. She addresses the connection between spiritual growth and healing, including healing physical ills, relationship problems, and overcoming past traumas. And she talks about how to have a spiritual breakthrough as a result of our deeply consecrated practice of spirituality.

  1. Barbara -- thanks so much for your inspired thoughts on this podcast! Yesterday I was serving in the Joint Chicago Reading Room and 2 of us listened. Today I listened on my computer and again enjoyed your clearly articulated answers and comments! At the same time, our Branch is studying your recent Journal article to find new ways to help/heal our community, and I've found a close correlation! Thank you again for all you've shared.

  2. Great answers and so down to earth, while still pointing me toward God, as Her beloved daughter! Universal truths ... which Christ Jesus taught, and Mary Baker Eddy embraced whole-heartedly. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much Barbara. Every point you covered and questions answered were so relevant and helpful on this all important subject.

  4. I am deeply grateful for this chat, and every point covered. Thank you so much.

  5. Barbara,
    Thank you so much for this informative and inspiring talk. I also want to express gratitude to the questions and your helpful answers as I myself have had situations similar to ones expressed in their questions presented to you and had been looking for answers.
    Thank you again. I am most grateful for what I have learned today.

  6. I've listened to this audio chat several times over the past seven months, and the insights and comments bring increased understanding, light, and inspiration each time. Thank you, Barbara, for this and your other audio chats, as well as for all your healing work for Church - and its blessings!

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