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A 'Rocky Mountain high'

Ahhh, beautiful Colorado! The other day I was driving home from a nearby state, and as I left the flat and barren wintry countryside of Wyoming and caught a glimpse of the snowcapped and majestic peaks of the Colorado Rockies, my thought was naturally uplifted. I thought of John Denver’s ’70s folk hit, “Rocky Mountain High.

Angels on a train

Earlier this year, I was traveling back to Melbourne by train after a holiday in New South Wales. I was really looking forward to having some quiet time in order to both rest and get some good prayer and metaphysical studying done, but as I settled into my seat and got out the Christian Science Bible Lesson to read, it looked like the ride was going to be anything but quiet.

Have you forgiven Judas?

Jesus has. Betrayed by Judas into the hands of those who would crucify him, Jesus neither attempted to stop the betrayal nor did he express any bitterness because of it.

On the Web

The Christian Science Journal Floor design and .

Impact moments

Sometimes in retrospect it appears how the hand of God has been displayed. In that recognition, the term “grace” is understood.

Challenges overcome

I took Christian Science Primary class instruction because I love Christian Science and wanted to deepen my understanding of it. I was working in the research department of a state university in my country, the Philippines, at the time I took class.

Fighting the flu

Have you thought about fighting illness as rejecting a belief? Read on.

Bible Lessons and being alert

Cruising around town in her car with friends, she obeys an angel message.

Listening to thoughts from God

One day I woke up with a sore neck, and couldn’t straighten it without having pain. I told my mum, so she said that I could stay home with her to rest.

Speaking highly of the *Monitor*

T he Christian Science Monitor came into my life when I was a teenager and my dad subscribed to the then daily print edition. I have been forever grateful that a Christian Science practitioner pointed out to my dad the importance of this paper and he immediately subscribed, even though financial circumstances at that point would have said he could not afford it.