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A new way to serve my church

Years ago when I lived in the San Diego area in California, one of my favorite pastimes was walking on the beach. During one of these walks I prayed to be able to serve my Christian Science branch church in a new, different way.

By the grace of God

I was raised in the Christian Science Sunday School but drifted away after high school during the social upheavals of the ’60s. After a decade of experimentation with elements of the counterculture, I began searching for a better sense of identity and purpose.


Recently I watched a young girl climbing over some large bumpy rocks. The adult who was with her called out instructions that were designed to keep her from falling.

'I will place you'

At a time when people everywhere seem to be trying to find their right place—in a job, a school, a sports team, a community—it’s reassuring to know that there’s a law of God, divine Mind, applicable to placement that leaves nothing to chance. Christian Science explains that this law is rooted in spiritual reality, in the allness of Mind and its ideas.

What Jonah can teach us

I have found the old adage “There are no atheists in a foxhole” to be true. When everything around us offers no help, or we feel helpless, we find ourselves letting go of the notion that we can do something of our own will, and then we place our lives completely in God’s hands.

Winning hearts to God through Christ-healing

It could be said that Christ Jesus won hearts to God through his healing ministry. Christ-healing is the Father’s means of convincing us that we are in fact His, and that we are dearly loved.

On the Web

The Christian Science Journal  A higher view by Judy Platz “I had occasionally dipped into Science and Health over the years, reading small passages here and there, but after I followed my grandmother’s advice, along with reading the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson each day, I began to notice beautiful changes in my life that I continue to be so grateful for. ” for more, visit: journal.

A prayer for peace in Ferguson, Missouri—and beyond

When anger and tension boil over, our prayers can center on Jesus’ admonition, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Through the storm to still waters

A raging storm could not separate her or her husband from God.

Ascending in thought

How do you uplift your thought? It sounds easy enough—just pray, affirming spiritual truths for yourself that you know are helpful! However, I’m learning that actually rising above daily struggles can be quite an endeavor.   Last summer I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with my DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) class, a leadership council for high school students who are Christian Scientists and are dedicated to servant leadership based on the teachings of Christ Jesus.