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Harmony is intact

As an amateur musician, I performed with community orchestras for many years. Through this work, and from my study of music, I have learned a lot about the concept of harmony.

The purity that conquers hate

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” ( Matthew 5:8 ). This powerful beatitude that Christ Jesus gave to his followers in the Sermon on the Mount is full of promise.

Good government starts with self-government

I threw the newspaper with the shocking headline onto the dining room table. Dismayed, I couldn’t read any further.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast Watching thought by Mark Unger Confronted by a recurring sharp pain in his foot, Mark discovered how important it was to be alert to what he was thinking. As he made sure his thoughts stayed on God and his own spiritual identity as a child of God, he was healed.

Church—don’t miss out

Think you’re not missing anything by not going to church? Think again.

No problem?

Does being a Christian Scientist mean living a life exempt from problems? One author explores the fact that addresses this fiction.

Start with love

Feeling overwhelmed by what you see in the news, or even the issues you encounter in your own life? This author was, too, until she heard and responded to a simple idea: Start with love.

'Thy radiance is so pure, so free'

Thy radiance is so pure, so free,    So beautiful and swift to bless, That by reflection constantly    We manifest Thy tenderness. —Robert Ellis Key, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

When I went to get my learner’s permit

Last summer, I really wanted to get my learner’s permit so I could start practicing driving. But taking tests of any kind has always felt hard to me.

Finding spiritual fulfillment

In 1964, a religious teacher came from overseas to the United States on a tour. My in-laws were host to him for a few days, and from there he went to a prayer meeting at another relative’s house.