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Don’t forget God’s love

I had a wonderful physical healing many years ago that always brought me much inspiration when I thought about it, but I never fully understood why the healing came about as it did until the ideas from a Christian Science lecture helped me realize the importance of both Truth and Love, which are synonyms for God, in healing. At the time of the healing I loved to play baseball, and my team had entered a tournament, where we would play a number of games over a two-week period.

The significance of joy

Joy is often underrated in healing, and yet a quiet joy is a freeing agent. Many people think of joy as just a happy feeling, but joy is bigger and deeper.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel Living harmoniously and friction-free by Liisa Hilbert Nichols “Rather than looking for a physical cause for the pain in my knee, I prayed diligently to find and feel my right fit within all of my new relationships. ” for more, visit: sentinel.
We’re pleased to share this hymn of gratitude, as we continue our preview of some of the hymns that will be included in the next Christian Science Hymnal Supplement. While we’ve included the melody line here, you can download the full keyboard score and learn about the author and composer by clicking the links below.

A Facebook healing

Dispelling a belief in many minds allowed this author to resolve inharmonious reunion preparations into a joyful experience with old friends.

Shine the light

One day I saw some spots on my body, and they were itchy. It started with just a few, but as the day passed there were more and more.

Finding ‘something good’

During the years of World War II, I was living in Brisbane, Australia. I remember first hearing the words “Christian Science” when I caught a radio program that was announced as coming from the newsroom of The Christian Science Monitor and sponsored by the Christian Science Reading Room.

A pivotal time

Christian Science class instruction remains to me the most pivotal time in my life. I took class the summer after I had graduated from college, and it really solidified for me what it means to practice Christian Science.

The wilderness and the solitary place

The wilderness and the solitary place … shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing.

Brotherly love in action

How easily conflict arises in our daily round of interactions with others. Disrespect, jealousy, malice, rivalry, road rage, hyper-partisanship, and so on flare up, making us sizzle.