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You have a choice

Sometimes we might feel as if we’re caught between a rock and a hard place, and that we have no choice but to engage in something that appears devastating or hopeless, or that makes us feel helpless. My study of Christian Science has shown me that God is absolutely All.

Don’t fix it—nix it! And replace it!

I’ve been a student of Christian Science my whole life. So I’ve had a fair amount of practice in affirming and proving that I am spiritual and subject only to the law of God, good.

Beauty—more than skin deep

I love to look at fashion magazines and have done this since I was a young girl, although I have to say that now I approach leafing through these glossy pages from a maturer perspective. The pursuit of beauty is not an unusual desire for many children and adults.

On the web

 Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast God corrects and governs by Virginia Anders Virginia was asked to do something unethical at work. If she didn’t do it, she’d lose her job.

'Our God is Mind, the perfect Mind'

Our God is Mind, the perfect Mind,    Intelligence divine; Shall mortal man ask Him to change    His infinite design?  —Frederic W. Root, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

Healing on the sidelines

Soccer! I love the game. I love the running, the sun on my back, my cleats gripping the grass, the friendships with teammates, the competition, and, most recently, the opportunities for healing.

Seeing the real picture

During my teen years my outlook on life was bleak. Like many others of my generation I was overwhelmed by accounts of war, poverty, racial prejudice, social injustice, and predictions of catastrophic future events.

Drawing closer to God

Recently I was waiting for my sister in a restaurant about an hour from my home. She was running late, and as I sat down I realized that 17 years earlier this was the restaurant where I had celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary.

Rejecting the notion of chance

“Wow, you’re so lucky! What’s the chance that you would be in just the right spot to meet the man of your dreams?” Several years ago a co-worker expressed this sentiment to me when she found out that I had just met a really terrific guy. While I was grateful to have the opportunity to get to know someone delightful, I realized that thinking luck had anything to do with it was a mental trap.

God’s harmless creation

Many around the world are concerned about the recent news reports of the outbreak of the Zika virus and its impact on health, especially on pregnant women and their unborn children. These reports tend to reinforce the common belief that we are nothing more than vulnerable mortals, subject to diseases, unseen and unknown.