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The choice to love

Years ago, I received an angry email from an acquaintance who was furious with me for some actions I had taken. He assaulted my character, slandered my record, attacked my religion, and threatened to exact ugly revenge if I didn’t retract my decision and obey his demands.

Prayer, not place, brings peace

Growing up right next to a lake, I loved taking my family’s rowboat out on summer mornings. One day years ago, I rowed out to a big island in the middle of the lake.

A spiritual foundation for motherhood

I’ve found that being a parent is an incredible spiritual journey. From cherishing the new member of the family before the arrival, to holding the baby for the first time, to watching the infant’s individuality shine as he grows—the sense of expectancy and joy is nearly indescribable.

What thoughts are we entertaining?

Many of us enjoy being hospitable. But to be a good host or hostess, first of all, requires an effort to carefully consider whom we are inviting into our home.

On the web

  Christian Science Sentinel Freedom from fear of volunteering in prison by Marsha Pecaut “Spiritual liberty is a God-given right for all, including both inmates and chaplains—and guards, too. Praying to recognize and protect this right frees us from fear, willfulness, and complacency.

Healing of a grudge—possible through prayer

Recognizing God’s love and care for all His children melts conflict.

Progress and underlying perfection

It’s natural to look for signs of progress. The sun peeking out from behind the clouds.

‘Gather out the stones’

Two teacher friends I know, Todd and Jeff, enjoyed hanging out together, but they were also competitive and often played creative tricks on each other.   Once, Todd tied a lot of forks and spoons under the hood and on the radiator of Jeff’s car so that when he started the car in the morning to go to work, it would sound as if the engine were clanking and falling apart.

Learning that Life is eternal

Just before I turned 15, my brother, Richard (Dick), joined the army. This was in 1967 during the Vietnam War.

He that has made my heaven secure

He that has made my heaven secure,     Will here all good provide;  While Christ is rich, can I be poor?     What can I want beside? —John Ryland, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 225.