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Negative pronouncements—powerless

Remember the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”? Briefly, as the king and queen introduced their baby daughter at a royal banquet, six woodland fairies gave their blessings until an uninvited fairy unexpectedly showed up. She was angry and jealous.

God’s goodness isn’t random

While I was watching TV the other day, I saw a comedy skit based on the concept of random occurrences. Although I wasn’t paying too much attention at the time, it alerted me to think about what we learn in Christian Science about the concept of chance or luck—either good or bad.

The voice within

You’ve probably heard it—that voice that tells you that you shouldn’t do a particular thing, or that says you’ll need to take this direction, or that. When you have listened, you may have found that something you thought was right, was not the right thing to do after all, and you were saved from a lot of grief.

Reject the pull of the past

It is one of the most famous last lines in all of American fiction. Written by F.

On the web

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God’s goodness negates corruption

Every day the news seems to bring us stories of corruption in a multitude of human arenas. At one point, I worked in a city and a profession where it was widely accepted that to be successful, one had to mislead the public.

Fearless Guatemala’s lessons for Latin America

When peaceful protests against corruption broke out in Guatemala last April, little did the demonstrators know they would eventually help force the country’s president, Otto Pérez Molina, to resign September 2 under charges of fraud. At the first protest, many of them wore masks to avoid retaliation from the powerful elite that reigns in the Central American country.

We thank Thee, heavenly Father

We thank Thee, heavenly Father,     For Thy correcting rod,  Which guides us in our journey     And leads us home to God.   It tells us not of anger,     The weapon mortals sway,  But Love divine, that helps us     To keep the better way.

Nothing is too hard for God

“Can God heal animals?” I was taking a class on Christian Science, and that was one of the questions I asked my teacher. At home, we’d just had some kittens born to our mama cat.

Beside ‘still waters’

Like so many people growing up in Sunday School, I memorized the 23rd Psalm as a child. Through the years I’ve been grateful to call up those words whenever there was a need, because they’ve been an unfailing source of comfort and guidance.