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Loved, not forgotten

Have you ever felt forgotten by God? I can remember a time in college when I was sure I had been forgotten and passed by. It seemed that everyone around me had good things going on in their life, and I was just a spectator.

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Christian Science Sentinel The healing power of hymns by Vicki Turpen “Meaningful words and music helped chase away fear and doubt that a healing was forthcoming. ” for more, visit: sentinel.

God is always Love

An understanding of God as eternal Love brings forgiveness and renewed harmony.

Loving one’s enemies

The idea of loving one’s enemies can sound, to the uninitiated, naive and impractical. But in fact, it’s a powerful commandment that fosters real and lasting peace.

God knows me, and error doesn’t!

One morning I went into my mom and dad’s room and told them that my stomach hurt. Right that minute, we started praying.

Understanding spiritual reality more and more

Taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science was a life-changing event for me—no doubt about it. I first inquired about taking this step when I was in my early years of college, but the Christian Science teacher with whom I spoke discerned that I had a bit of growing to do in thought before I could get the most out of the experience.

Dispelling the illusion of resistance

Not long ago I was out with our three dogs for one of our regular morning adventures. We live next to a large mountain meadow nestled in front of a forest and are accustomed to a wide range of wildlife.

Overcoming fear in decision-making

I used to hesitate to interpret the parable in Matthew 25:14–30 about the kingdom of heaven, where Christ Jesus makes reference to the man who gave each of his servants a certain number of talents—a considerable sum of money—before he set out on a trip. When the man returned, he expected that his servants would have increased their talents, so that the man would make a profit.

Joy in obeying God

For me, the story of the Hebrew people in the Bible is captivating. I love to read and learn about how God’s power was expressed in the lives of the Hebrews, in the lives of their prophets, their kings, and their society.

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Christian Science Sentinel A spiritual foundation for providing care by Bonnie Castroman “We can reach out to lovingly and compassionately assist our fellow man without fear or penalty as we turn to God in doing so. ”  for more, visit: sentinel.