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Look up and see!

New York City garbage used to end up on an island where thousands of seagulls waited for it each day. They say if you stood on that island from a relatively high vantage point and looked down, you saw the seagulls scrabbling over, and fighting over, the bits of garbage.

To be teachable

My brother David makes pies. Really tasty pies.

The golden thread of liberty

From first to last, the spirit of Christian Science resounds with the word liberty. The Discoverer and Founder of this Science, Mary Baker Eddy, knew that the sons and daughters of God are not made to be the vassals of kings of the earth—whether tyrannical men or the tyranny of belief in sin, sickness, and death—because, as she said, we are “tributary to God, Spirit, and to nothing else” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,  p.

Lessons from a yard sale

The signs were staked out in the front yard, and we were pretty much ready to go. This was our first—and, as it turned out, our only—yard sale.

World changers: Mary Baker Eddy and her book

Earlier this year, Melanie Daglian was the guest on a live Sentinel  audio chat on JSH-Online. com about Mary Baker Eddy and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

On the Web

Christian Science Sentinel Patience and purpose by Joy Frawley “I began to grasp that most often it was not that my desires, such as rewarding employment, were necessarily wrong. My error was in not purifying my desires and humbly seeing how God would ‘create in me a clean heart’ (Psalms 51:10).

Our college grad's job search

A mother is inspired by a familiar passage when praying about her son’s employment.

Kids ask...How did God create Himself?

That’s an important question! Let’s look together at something the Bible says about God: “You are always the same. Years cannot change you” (Psalms 102:27, Contemporary English Version).

Lasting good

When I look back to relive my experience of Christian Science class instruction and how it has blessed me, there are always two things that stand out. They are things that have proved to be the foundation stones that undergird that most awe-inspiring experience and keep expanding in higher and broader spiritual expression and demonstration.

A sea view

Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed every summer with my family at the seashore. From an early age, my brother and I learned to enjoy and thrive in the ocean.