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Love’s promise

Some years ago, I was single and felt comfortable about my status. I had even taken a few trips alone and found them quite enjoyable.

Offering love’s cup freely

When we see a neighbor or loved one being seduced by sin, enslaved by addiction, or threatened by disease, we naturally long to speak the truth that will set him free. And with loving intent, we share Christian Science.

To be an effective healer

It is natural to want to help and heal others through prayer. Praying for others isn’t scary—it’s deeply fulfilling.

On the web

The Christian Science Journal Prayer with ‘signs following’ by Candace Lynch “God, Principle, is the Lawgiver, causing the law of ever-present good to operate in my life. Since God fills all space, His law is everywhere and I cannot be separated from it.

Paul’s recipe for joy

Paul’s letter to the Christians of the church he founded in Philippi is vibrant with deep, spiritual joy. He wants them to feel the same, sometimes hard-won, joy that he has, and so he admonishes them to “always be full of joy in the Lord.

The divine possibilities

God’s abundance is reliable and present now, always available to meet any need.

A healing on Mt. Kenya

“This hike will be difficult,” the outfitter warned. “If you get altitude sickness, you’ll feel nauseated and lightheaded, and you may not be able to reach the summit.

It’s not about ‘following the crowd’

Even though I was raised in Christian Science, I resisted taking Primary class instruction. Why? I had always opposed “following the crowd” and felt I was being wrongly judged or rated according to whether I’d had class or not.

Defending true manhood

So much of what we see in the news is about violent crimes committed by men—murder, rape, assault, domes­tic abuse. If we take these reports at face value, masculine strength often seems to take the form of brutality.

The owl in the log

A couple of months ago, my son was feeling creative and decided to carve a creature out of a large log that had been left in our yard following a hurricane. After he’d been at it a while, I asked him what he was carving, and he said it was an owl.