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One in fellowship of Mind

One in fellowship of Mind, We our bliss and glory find In that endless happy whole, Where our God is Life and Soul. —James Montgomery, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

Safe after being held up at gunpoint

A woman experiences safety after being robbed at gunpoint and forgives those who confronted her.

Secure in God’s care

Can we ever be outside of our Father-Mother’s active love? What about when our world feels as though it’s in upheaval? Is prayer practical enough to protect us in the face of “natural disasters”? When we turn to the Bible, we find that there is a basis for feeling secure in God’s active, eternal care for us, His loved children. In First Kings, we read about the prophet Elijah, who went out into the wilderness.

Useful employment

Doesn’t everyone want to feel useful, to have a sense of purpose? The press routinely reports that extreme behavior by individuals—involving crime, suicide, terrorism—is often fueled by a feeling of uselessness and frustrated ambition. I’ve always been grateful for what the Bible teaches about productive activity.

Living with moral courage

Today more than ever, mankind needs the individual who expresses moral courage. We must be able to choose right instead of wrong, truth instead of deceitfulness, good instead of evil, what’s virtuous instead of what’s vicious, and what truly blesses our neighbor because it’s in accord with God, the divine Principle, Love.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Chat A life filled with purpose, not stress with Mary Beattie Mary answers many questions about how we can overcome stress both at work and in our personal life and find our God-given purpose. for more, visit: sentinel.

Horsemanship and healing

I find it amazing how God’s love is always present, always surrounding and protecting us. This summer, I went to a camp for Christian Scientists, where I got to ride a horse named Remington.

A family led by a mother’s healing

Christian Science came to my family close to 90 years ago. We went on a vacation and stayed at what was then called a tourist home.

In our immature sense of spiritual things

In our immature sense of spiritual things, let us say of the beauties of the sensuous universe: “I love your promise; and shall know, some time, the spiritual reality and substance of form, light, and color, of what I now through you discern dimly; and knowing this, I shall be satisfied. ” —Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p.

It’s not ‘a jungle out there’

A few years ago I read the acclaimed book The River of Doubt by Candice Millard. It is an account of the dangerous journey that ex-President Theodore Roosevelt took on a tributary of the Amazon in South America.