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Proof that prayer matters

You may wonder if reading, studying spiritual ideas, and listening to God each day matters.   Consider this: Firefighters know that they must be ready, when called upon, to respond to a fire.

We are buoyant!

In scuba diving class, I learned that in order to explore the depths of the sea, I had to wear a weight belt. The belt is the only way to remain submerged, because we are naturally buoyant.

A lesson in spiritual alertness

One of my favorite states to visit in the United States is Vermont. I love skiing the majestic snow-covered mountains in the winter and hiking the verdant canopied trails in the summer.

Christly love: a powerful response to injustice

How to respond to injustice is a question we all wrestle with at times. When we are unfairly maligned or mistreated, mortal thought presents two choices: We can make an angry counterattack, or knuckle under and become a victim.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel Do right, then trust by Rod Wagner “I had been praying to know that man is the spiritual expression of God, and that we are constantly blessed by the care of divine Love. ” for more, visit:  sentinel.

Protection and my first ‘meal’ of the day

One of my favorite times is the early morning, when all I can hear are the birds singing. Studying the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson first thing brings out the best of the day to me.

Church in the neighborhood

Where does the church fit into the struggle against such evils as racial prejudice, drug abuse, job discrimination, and the tragic lack of communication among people? Should the church confine itself to theology and sermons, or should it assume a prime activist role in the much-needed revolution against the troubles in our world? Remembering that charity begins at home, some of us in our local church considered the question of church involvement in the context of our personal experience. We began to voice our concern for the physical needs of our church neighborhood.

Ready for school

You have a new box of crayons and some pencils and paper. You want to know more about your new teacher and your new classmates.

More than a chance discovery

Thirty-seven years ago the doctors gave me no hope that I would survive. I was married with two small children.

Freedom from age limits

When I was a member of the track and field team in high school, I competed in the shot put event. People who don’t know much about the shot put tend to have an image of some big guys throwing around an iron ball.