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Stay connected

Social media has its upsides, but it can also provoke envy and self criticism. One author shares how she responds to the impulse to stay connected, and how that has transformed her approach to Facebook and Instagram.

Unselfish helpers—can I be one?

Youth counselors, religious ministers, first responders, and ordinary citizens—such as the Canadians who helped refugees from a forest fire last month (see editorial on facing page)—are often in contact with people in need. Unselfish love is a vital part of their work.

A tale of how to open one’s arms to refugees

The world is in an age of extreme human mobility. A quarter billion people have either fled disasters of various sorts or migrated to escape poverty.

'So brightly burns Love’s holy glow'

So brightly burns Love’s holy glow,    So constant shines its light, That none can claim he doth not know    The pathway through the night, For see, ’tis lit by Love divine    To trace for us His wise design. —Robert Ellis Key, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

"From a Critic" and "From the Facebook page of Bloomberg Pursuits"

From the Office of  Committee on Publication: In a world fraught with religious strife and division, genuine understanding between people of differing faiths and backgrounds sometimes seems as rare as it is vital. Stereotypes abound.

Prepare to share

W hen Rachel Troutman, a graduate student at Michigan State University, talks about sharing Christian Science, she’s inevitably transported back to her teen years when she was thinking about “the big questions. ” “Even though I was raised in Christian Science, I wanted to understand for myself, ‘What is truth?’ ” she told the Sentinel ’s Jenny Sawyer in a recent conversation.

Hearts that yearn to help the world

H ow do our prayers about the issues we face in our own lives make an impact on the world around us? This summer, the college interns at The Mother Church got to thinking and talking about this question—and shared their prayers on various problems of personal, national, and global concern. Praying about the job market I’ve heard from lots of people that my generation has the hardest time finding work after graduation; that there aren’t enough jobs out there for everyone who is looking.

The blessings of blessing

Three years into college, I quit school to try to figure out my life. I made endless lists of things I could do: travel, pursue a career in dance, earn some money.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel Protected from road rage by listening to God by Lauren Blake Crandall When an angry driver tries to intimidate this author, she turns to God in prayer and feels a peace that helps her make smart decisions. for more, visit: sentinel.

A spiritual protest against terrorism

In the middle of the night, sitting on the floor of her dorm room, this author felt engulfed by a fear of terrorism. But as she prayed, she woke up to the power of spiritually protesting against any evil that would claim to have power, and to standing with God, good.